Let's Cooperate

I help foodbloggers to create video recipes for their blog, social media or for their clients.

You prepare and cook, and I film and edit.

I am experienced in product placement in videos. In production we take special time to get all shots perfect so product placement is set correctly (angles, sharpness, time in a shot and framing)

I am flexible to create in any kind of video recipe style. I understand that you as a foodblogger have a unique style and I take special time to match your style.

I Cooperate With


Share your love for food in a new innovative way with my professional assistance.


Let me create an inviting video presentation for your web page and social media. 

Food companies

Offering a full package, I am able to provide both filming and editing, as well as foodbloggers to create a recipe for you.

Do you want to create video recipe that you can offer your clients?
Let's get connected and create recipe videos together.

If you are interested to know more, I offer to film a special free sample video (1-2 minutes), as part of our meeting in Vienna, that will enable you to make a better decision if this fits with your overall vision.

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